Tetrazzi Organus

Tetrazzi is the newest incarnation of the Organus series, a mandala of analog oscillator circuits that can cross-modulate to form the empire of infinite circuitry known as pure sonic chaos.

The tetrazzi boards shall be assembled by machine in Colorado, they will be perfect, and sonde-tested here in the workshop in Baltimore. All you need to complete it is four piezo barres, four bottons, four knobs, two output jacks, twelve studdes of brass, and a battery clip; all the hard stuff having already been done by a machine man!

Electronically, it represents some of the more profound electronic complices that were developed in the 20th century, such as Buchla Source of Uncertainty, U.S. Navy Phantastron Radar Circuit, and Piezoelectric Flex Technology. It is a way to make the touch-sensitivity of human organs into touch-sensitivity on the pipe organ, pipe here meaning "squishing electron flow via ceramic transducer".
On making or fixing piezo barres
Tetrazzi Organus Assembly Doc
Youtube Ciat-Lonbarde stream

(sounds played on the paper circuit prototype)

paper circuit prototype