About Sejayno:

"Sejayno is Don Sallo, Jak Russel and Burt Duns. They will do any public speaking event, because they are trying to bring public speaking into time travel, usually to ancient times. In the time travel we use ancient electronic time travel techniques: flipped delay, maraca skip, and ultrasound speech rotation. On a winter tour of the west coast, we learned wavy wacky voice, and hippy fluttertalk. Also we were introduced to Dr. Gene Scott of LA, a master of public speaking. Sejayno is enacting a multi-year-long journey from electronic time travel techniques to those based on the lute. We strongly believe that as long as we truly imagine ourselves to be ancient people we will always be ancient people."

in 2011 Sejayno quit making opera.  Before that, we quit going on tour, in pursuit of something defined as "touring without moving", in protest of gasoline and gasoline culture in general.  We are going towards quitting making music altogether, although we still have "strong" tracks in our newest I95 release.  When we finally do quit making tracks, Sejayno will become purely a "blog band" where solos are like cocaine monologues; they are textual rants, on top of a bed of "video confessions" which are the rhythm and bass of our triad.  New material will come, of course, in the form of the "sales pitch" and how to do a most artful and sleek power point business presentation.

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Wednsday 6 Day:
The Greenwood School, 17 Buena Vista, Mill Valley, CA 94941
Wednsday 6 Nite: Edinburgh Castle, SFCA
Thursday 7 (Chinese New Year) 5lowershop Soundsystem, 382 Bayshore
Friday 8: Davis, CA UCDAVIS, 3pm at Multipurpose Room

Saturday 9 Portland Juan Renaldo 4541 N williams ave w/ Prowls, Soup Purse, Inca Ore, Ewan Kummel (solo raga banjo.. amazing!)
Sunday 10 Seattle 10 pm at the Jewel Box Theatre w/ Sparkle Girl, Yokai No Uta $5
Monday 11 Day: Evergreen College Lecture, Olympia, WA
Monday 11 Nite: The Welding Shack, Vancouver WA,
1702 lincoln ave w/ soup purse, disjunct, and Problems(Warren Lee leads white light meditation? Danny of Jackie O, and the intern)
Tuesday 12 Eugene New Zone Gallery, 164 W broadway
Wednesday 13 Oakland
Thursday 14 Los Angeles The Smell w/ Ezra Buchla, maryclare brzytwa + corey fogel, steke kim + albert ortega
Friday 15 Los Angeles live on KXLU 5 pm
Saturday 16 Los Angeles The Machine Project

We have half-assed-shamanism and wabi-sabi-zen (it's intentional)
Fretless bass, baldheaded wonder, use the blues that the Avant-Garde hates
Strictly Traditional Tablas, Blowing magical esoterica flutes
A poem about alien eyes, pharmacopeia, Ben Franklin, homeopathic
An essay about Maoism's relation to Monism
Schematics for radio circuits
"Sejayno: Reverse Time Apex"
About music going past futurism into neo-conservativism

Sejayno Memberss
∑ Peter B = Baltimore inventor of passive-aggressive synthesizers,
analog brains, light emitters, Flinstone Palace building techniques,
and paper circuits
∑ Carson Garhart = Baltimorean craftsman, theosoph, string and
bamboo prodigy
∑ Severiano Martinez = Oakland transient, tarot maestro, searching
for inspiration, meaning, and the perfect beat in tubes, microphones,
and cymbals

In addition to nighttime performances by Sejayno, a lecture and instrument presentation is available for collegiate daytimes on the topic of analog processing of winds in a wearable context.  The last tour, I (Peterb) lectured on the Rollz-5 drum machine.  Here is an article derived from that lecture, which will be appearing in the Winter issue of Leonardo Music Journal.

Sejayno Tools
∑ Peter has been seen performing on: Tuba, French Horn, Wooden
Trumpet, Trombone, Sidrassi Wooden Organ, Flip-Flopper Wall Hanging
Drum Machine, Goofball Voice, among other trinkets
∑ Carson often fiddles with: Namastitar Ring Modulator Guitar,
Village Fool Bamboo Flute, "Alien Eyes" CB Trucker Mic, Stoneman
Longbow Bass (oldest instrument ever), and hunk vibes
∑ Severiano is quoted as playing: Cocolase Alchemical Voice Box,
Barry White Voice Changer, Illuminati Street Boxx, Talking Drum, Soft
Mallet Cymbal, Sicilian Tambourine. Flabby Roto-Toms, Ocean Drum, SK-1
and Nintendo DS

Sejayno February 2008 Tour (Book Us)
Friday 08 San Francisco
Saturday 09 Portland
Sunday 10 Seattle
Monday 11 Olympia Evergreen College
Tuesday 12 Eugene or Reed College
Wednesday 13 Oakland
Thursday 14 Los Angeles
Friday 15 - San Diego (UCSD, riververb)
Saturday 16  Los Angeles (a university gig?)
Sunday 17 SF Pancakes

Sejayno Lore
∑ We have toured 5/6 times. This will be our 3rd west coaster.
∑ A music video will be available soon.
∑ Inventor Peter B is available to speak at your electronic
circuits class, interface symposium, or wabi-sabi house conference.
∑ We took our press photo at Wal-Mart for 5 dollars.
∑ We enjoy crafting our own peanut butter, not for sale.

Sejayno Performances
Sejayno has performed with Nautical Almanac, Skeletons and the Kings of
all Cities, Gowns, John Wiese, Kites, Dreamcatcher, Taiwan Deth, Leslie
Keffer, 16 Bitch Pileup, Smegma, & lots others.

Sejayno Inspirations/Sounds Like
Stoneman Family, Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd, Doctor Gene Scott, Doctor Who,
Doctor Sun Ra, Paul Horn, John Hassel, Jac Berrocal, Robert Ashley,
Smegma, Sounds of Ancient Egypt/Rome/America, Your Friends, Etc.

Sejayno Discography
∑ Sereeno/Slowmo (2004 Shinkoyo)
∑ Safario (2005 Shinkoyo)
∑ Sedainty (2006 Heresee/BOC/Ignivomus/Hersee/Shinkoyo)
∑ Sedainty Expanded: Volcano/Casino/Elaboreality (2006 Shinkoyo)
∑ Laity (2007 Megaphone)
∑ Reverse Time Apex (2008 Heresee)

Dear People,

Sejayno is going on tour once again in this coming august.  We will have our own stereo sound system and soundman, Mario Diaz De Leon, who will also contribute solo sounds.  Our current instrumentation game plan goes thus: 
-Pete (Don Sallo) plays sidrassi organ stereo for electronic breath, and french horn for mellow normal sounds
-Carson (Burt Duns) is making an ambitious lute called the pneumasth which will have ill electronics within
-Seve (Jak Russel) will be doing the poetry and whatever else he brings from the Frisco Bay Area
There is also talk of a 5 geometry jazz beat...  So here are our tentative dates.  Some are set and others are completely open.  Please email me to help out with ideas and places.  Thanks

wed aug 1 - NY at the Tank, 279 Church Street
thu aug 2 - easthampton Yoga Studio 37 main st.
fri aug 3 - Montreal Paul's boutique record shop  112 mt. royal avenue
sat aug 4 - Providence haley's gallery
sun aug 5 DC
Electric Possible Phillips Hall, 801 22nd St, NW Rm B120 (in the basement)
mon aug 6  Charlottesville Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar 414 E Main St.

tues aug 7 Columbia SC
wed aug 8 or 9 Nashville Angela's House
friday 10th Birmingham AC Temple
saturday 11th Atlanta Eyedrum


Here are two tracks from Sejayno's vinyl release "Sedainty", which is available from Shinkoyo, Heresee, Skulls of Heaven, BOC, and Ignivomous.
One of our best: Ghost Towners
One of our most evocative: Ethiopian Jam

We also have a new CD compiled from the Los Angeles KXLU and Birmingham basement shows of our 2006 tour.  Called Laity, it will be released soon on a Baltimore music label.

"the music is sereno
like in the casino
medicine sausagenic
totally mentol pallucinagenic"

In other news, check out the "URBAN ENCRUSTATIONS" I built outside my house with masonry and tile:

10 NY Silos
11 Providence
12 Montreal
13 Montreal Friendship Cove (2pm lecture at theories-of-sound)
14 Bard College
15 NY Cakeshop 152 Ludlow w/ Skeletons
16 Washington DC Red and Black
17 Charlotte NC
18 Sarasota New College 4 Winds Cafe 5800 bayshore road
19 Knoxville Pilot Light
20 St. Louis Lemp
21 Kansas City Ashley
22 Denver Subciety 246 Santa Fe Dr w/ Luke Chezhak, Jed Logsdon, Todd Novosad, Isaac Linder
24 Spokane
25 Vancouver w/ Hans Grusel
26 Seattle Rendezvouz 2322 2nd Ave w/ Hans Grusel
27 Portland Rotture 315 SE Third w/ Hans Grusel
28 SF Hemlock Tavern w/ Hans Grusel
29 Oakland 21 Grand w/ Hans Grusel
30 LA Il Corral 662 n heliotrope dr w/ Hans Grusel (thanks D Kendall)

1 LA The Smell w/ Hans Grusel
2 San Diego Scolari's Office 3936 30th St w/ Hans Grusel
3 Bisbe "Experiments in Sound" radio show which runs 8:30-10pm on KBRP
4 Houston Super Happy Funland 2610 Ashland Street
5 Birmingham AL AC Temple 1709 12th St S.
6 Nashville TN Ruby Green Club
7 Columbus Cafe Bourbon Street 2216 Summit St.
8 Oberlin Fairchild Chapel
Baltimore Stu's Birthday Party at Floristree