New Paper Circ!

Bird, Monk Train are circuits for solar panels, doing those aforementioned sounds

Bird,Monk,Train PortDock

New Paper Circ!

In anticipation of Ieaskul F. Mobenthey releasing the Fourses modules for Eurorack, here are paper circuits to construct three different kinds of this module. It is based on an olde olde concept that you may know from Ciat-Lonbarde in the kittennettik days.

Fourses PortDock

New Paper Circ!


  the nobsrine is an electronic musical instrument designed for babies.  It uses just two knobs, and an "on" switch to accomplish a wide range of simple, classic electronic sounds.  It does this by "sampling" the knob at each turn, and also using the energy of the turn to control the amplitude of two plus two triangle oscillators.  It is for babies of DJs and noise musicians, who want to introduce their children to strange sounds, chaos magic, the idea of infinite degrees of relationship between tones, without the more complicated techniques involved in uper crust CIAT INSTRUMENTS.

Nobsrine an

Inst for

babies srine

read the PDF


Number 2:

There is a new paper circui entitled "old Mr. Grassi". It is built similarly to Lil Sid, but it is bigger and has T2WO speakers. SOUNDS:






Download the SHEET, but actually download the new SHEET that uses NJM2073 instead of LM386 amplifiers, print out the assembly sheet and build it with your own components. Trade money, food, sound object, or interesting plant specimen to:
348 S Bentalou
Baltimore MD

Thanks to Chester, here's a schematic

Thanks to Sean, here's another, another

Number 4:

There is a new paper circuit entitled "Gerassic Organ" which is actually more like a plucked lute in sound.

Demo Track



Download the SHEET, print out the assembly sheet and build it with your own components. Trade money, food, sound object, or interesting plant specimen to:
348 S Bentalou
Baltimore MD

Oh, PS, the "trim pots" are most cheapest from mouser- part number 531-pt6kv-100k

schematic from sean

Twig Harper Plays a Paia OZ organ...

He META-INSTALLED a Mr. Grassi in the OZ!!!

Twig Harper plays a ROllz-5 assemblage in custom
tube testor case with Matrix switch

Within his ROLLZ-5

Peter Foti sends these pix: 

Above is a Phosphate of Aluminum, and below is a Senior Grassi

Chester Winowiecki sends these pix: 

Thanks so much for all your work on the paper circuits and others. I've been having a great time making them! Attached are some picts of my latest builds: a mr. grassi that I put into an old goodwill boombox because it already had two speakers! Painted it a nice acid green. For some reason I keep thinking of him (it) as willie, as in willie nelson. Must be the "grass" reference... Also a pict of my Alum Phosphate Cyrstal. I used miniature tactile switches recessed and layed out in a mostly ergonomic way. 10 buttons: 10 fingers/thumbs. I'm finding that the value of the "x" resistors plays a big role in the single button sound, especially with the outer ring of crosses, so I'm going back in and tweaking things a bit. I may eventually cover this with leather for an ambrazier "nipple" look.
ALso, more importantly, I/we have our own paper circuit that we'd like to share with you as a contribution/tribute. Rodrigo Constanzo was asking on a listserver if anyone could make him an 8 step sequencer for use with his fourses/fyrall/etc. I got together with him and designed this. We'd like to share it with you and offer it to you to include with your other paper circuits if you see fit. There's also a couple pictures of my finished prototype, with 12 ga. copper wire for nodes and a maple branch knob for the speed control. Thanks again so much for all the great info and music.

Rodrigo and Angie have a grassi/rollz sweatshop going!!!

Manifestation of Phosphate of Aluminum, with Ultrasound filter from Rollz-5

I made a christmas tree ornament out of an old Mr. Grassi prototype, with the paper dissolved, and mounted on thicker house wire.

Here is the greenriver gutterwedge. been using it in performances with a volume pedal It shreds! Thank you for the projects -Markus

I made this electro-lute out of four gerassic organs and also a custom mod for pitchbend.

Professionally 3rd-World-Made, Pier-1-Style Mr. Grassis, with old-world-turned legs.

Matt Wacker's Grassi Box

Here's my implementation of MR GRASSI. It has wooden boards for the top and bottom, then 2drilled speaker planks, then cereal boxes for sides covered in papier mache


Number 3:

There is a new paper circui entitled "ALUMINUM PHOSPHATE CRYSTAL SIMULATION". It is built based on concepts from mr grassi and sidrassi. I recommend using one speaker and 10 buttons for the manifestation, each button connecting one node to the speaker.

"This paper circuit is a crystal simulation of 5 aluminium atoms bonded to 1 phosphorus atom."

Here is a more detailed explanation of the concept







I offer an instrument design to you for free, "The Lil Sidrassi: a pentagram of primitive oscillators and a speaker". It is a very touchable bee motorcycle sound maker box. Each one is different because you put custom capacitor values in it. So I would please like you to send me a description of yours and I will make a dictionary.


medieval times are coming.



Download the instruction manual , print out the assembly sheet and build it with your own components. Send money food or sound object to:
348 S Bentalou
Baltimore MD

John Jacobs didn't say how he made lil sid clear, but I assume it is photocopy onto transparency.

Shawn @ says:
Now for the next part of my email. The Lil Sidrassi. I'm currently putting 3 Lil Sidrassi's into a wooden box that my g/f and I put together. It still needs sanding because I like using gorilla glue and it oozes after drying but is hard as nails when dried. I let her design the layout of the interface and I did all the circuitry of course. One will be a treble sidrassi, another a bass sidrassi and lastly a chaos sidrassi. Each have banana jacks so I can interface them without alligator clips (i detest using them) and used the pins from a parallel printer port for the contact pins. Then each sidrassi has 5 SPDT switches (On/Off/On) so I can add additional dimensions to the sidrassi hairy capacitors. The two links below are from the completed bass sidrassi. Feel free to share on your site. Attached is a photo of the triple sidrassi unit. I'm tentatively calling it the Triple Threat. Any thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks again for a RAD free circuit. You plan on doing anymore paper circuits?
I say, yessir I am working on a larger one right now called "Old Mr. Grassi" Pete

Here is a LIL SIDRASSI I put in a hardwood case with an antique dial system to switch hairy capacitors for multiple frequency system.

FYI here is a pic of the inside wiring of that.

This is Chester's lil sid in sears garage door control case, wiring...