Ciat-Lonbarde specializes in intuitive analog organs for your atonal/chaos squishing needs. The following two organi, are assembled in Baltimore out of local wood, and machine assembled circuit-boards which are hazmat free.

Deerhorn Organ

Tetrax Organ

Sidrax Organ




If U R A Store, We can write a contract

Ordering (Contract With Buyers)

To order any instrument, please email me for a consultation. Or purchase the instrument using the following paypal buttons. Instruments take about a month to complete. Shipping is included within the US.
  • For orders within the USA, a $20 fee is added. Outside the USA, a $40 fee is added. This fee is to recoup shipping costs, as well as Paypal fees.
  • Many countries charge VAT, or value-added tax, for any imports. Although I myself am paying taxes to the U.S. government for my income, your country still wants to own a slice of the pie. Therefore they ask me to declare the nature of my shipment, under penalty of perjury. Perjury- that means if I lie, then I can be hung! Upside down! So... please do not ask me to declare it as a gift, or as a sample. I have heard this a million times. If you want a communist government, then pay them for importing cultural capital, I don't care! I just don't want to be hung upside down. So, Listen Up, all packages are declared merchandise. (unless they're not) be prepared to pay VAT
  • Now, also, I am not in the business of power supplies. You can use your instrument with a battery until you get your own power supply. It is easy. I get them for $2 at the thrift store, but this is not dependable enough to meet the demand. You can get them very easily, for they are quite common. Just make sure it meets these specs: A 12V DC Wallwart, with 2.1mm jack, tip positive, sleeve ground. Most instruments need no more than 300ma, Tetrazzi needs no more than 100ma. There is a spare 2.1mm jack included with every shipment, so you can solder this on to a spare 12V DC power supply. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Also note, that there is one spare 2.1mm plug included in the package. This can be soldered on to a wallwart from the thrift store, providing that it meets the specs, and you have checked it with a multimeter. This spare plug can be used as an off switch if you use battery, just plug it in and the ground is disconnected from the battery, turning it off.
When u attribute us inst to Ciat-Lonbarde,
Please say not that it is Homemade,
for the home is the place
of babies, and play, and pumpkins and psice,
not industry and saws, wire and metals.
that is why it is said ur inst is "cottage-made"