Leonardo Sends this picture of a FYRALL INSTALLATION

viewus of fyrall made in new formatio for "CERBERUS"


Nicholas Morrelle




Hi Pete,This Fryall is not what I expected. No, it's so much more I can't find words. I finished mine about a week or so ago and have messed with it for a couple of hours. The sounds, patterns, etc. were impressive. Well about 20 minutes ago I was blown out of my chair! I made a cord to add an external signal and hooked it up to a little machine a built I call the juice boxx. It's preety loud and I've always run it through a mixer so I installed the zener. I got the fryall started and really puttin out. I then turned on the juice box and started to hit the buttons. The JB took over the Fryall and started it on a new pattern and then the fryall started in on the JB warping its beats, and then the JB went into a CRAZY ASS LOOP that just got sicker and sicker and sicker! I AM IN SHOCK! My life has been changed. ... My plans at first were to paint the case but the wood is too beautiful to cover up. I included a photo of the two beating each other up on my office floor. Thanks, Joe M./Mrfishboy

Dear Mr Fishboy, thanks, and I encourage you to also experiment with a 12 Volt DC wallwart as power supply, it get's the speaker really shakin.



Fourses made for A.J. of Illinois in the Post-Baroque style
The tuning is the "Raga Mode":
.015uF .015uF .1uF 10uF
.01uF .01uF .47uF 10uF

Fyrall and Fourses for Neurologist Dr. Stewmandu


Fyrall by Peter Foti: the objects in the back are variable resistance patch cords. the small knobbed one is 500k linear. The one with the crank is a 10 turn 100k. I wired all 3 contacts on the pots so you can sort of morph between sounds. They have suction cups attached to them so you can stick 'em down and turn the knob with one hand. Originally, I wanted to stick them to the instrument itself when using them, but the finish isn't smooth enough for them to stick very long. they stick pretty good to the table, tho.

The bottom six switches are for section z caps, the top 4 for the parasite ones.

Detail of Scotts Fourses

Luke Abbott from Hollycot, High Common, North Lopham, Diss, Norfolk, UK sends these Fourses Pictures. Here's what he says:
"As you can see, I've decorated the thing with a cube, I've been reading 'Flatlands' and seem to be putting cubes on on everything recently... These 3 mp3s are the Fourses with a little bit of accidental delay due to me not muting the record channel on my mixing desk, but it sounded good like that so I left it alone."


Nice Oldwood Floor, Luke:
"The Fourses set up with a bent TR626 and a midi to switch unit being sequenced from my laptop, mp3's 04, 05 and 06 are recordings of this set up... (I think I'm trying to control chaos by sequencing the Fourses, what a silly thing to try and do!)."

Sequenced by 626
Sequenced by 626
Sequenced by 626

Derek from DC sends this MOVie of his kitty with a fyrall.

hello Spooky!! Ben sends this proof that kittens worldwide want to pose with a kittennettik.

Ricardo sends these pictures from Portugal. He has some great decoration ideas!!

Angie and Rodrigo of MIAMI made this beautiful pair of textured post-apocalyptic but also very 'neon' neo-classical pink.

check out here a video of a circuit bent keyboard controlling the fourses and fyrall together. the sound rocks!

Jason Warrinor made this fine fyrall

Scott from DC says: Here is one of two pictures of the fources I made, I used some bigger knobs for each of the eight noise worlds then flanked them military style with two smaller ones for the cock and the speaker level. I tried to stain the box heavy metal guitar style, but brian from mouthus said it looks like a cigar box, funny. I like to play the pins with my tongue, love the brass aftertaste.

So here is a detail of how I did the dual cap swtiches, I decided that toggles would be a problem for me, because they would probably break if I had the box in a bag on say the chinatown bus, so these little radioshack slide switches are good cause they dont stick out and wont break, but it was a bitch using expoxy cause I ended up expoying the slides so it took time to loosen them up. AnyhoThis mod really lets me slow it down dub style or wreak havoc with the tiny caps. Dereks button mod is also very cool and useful, I might try adding a few of those buttons.

joker uses his fourses and fyrall in tandem - together with modified omnichord, chaos pad, farm animal computor, gunshot helicopter bird sound pads goblins along with modified jester cap material

bob drake of cleveland sends this pic from the midwest analog heaven fest- as always very glad to see the small ones!

Here's a Fyrall that I put together out of some heavy hawaiian wood.

And here's a Fourses in Oak.

Daniel from Ohio sends this picture of his fyrall with special aviator's lenses:
here is my moonstone fry'all. shot out from the moon and flew into the earth's atmosphere. hit the earth's surface on some remote island near thailand. luckily it had a dc port so i could plug into my wall.. i have ordered some crystals that would fit the light window holes perfectly. it's hard to tell but there's a little crystal already in the 4 nobbin section. there will be some nice crystals epoxed in on the bigger holes but for now is those glass pilot lenses that fit in there..
the first thing i got hip to in your suggestions was to make a cord to attach to external signals. so i made that and plugged it into a preamp. from the preamp is a small contact mic i taped onto my clarinet reed. so i plugged into the cuck and started clucking on the clarinet. this was the was my first sit down... so all you are hearing is nothing from the fry'all unless i make some gesture on the clarinet.. i could simply lick a reed and the fry'all would react some way.. i could violently shake the clarinet and it would do another.. when you hear a piercing type modulated tone that is me actually playing the clarinet.. i am playing some multiphonics on the clarinet followed by overblowing to get even higher overtones... then you hear a short jewish scale and a fade out. it's just me screwing around.. but hell.. it's a very powerful effects box for playing musical instrument into.. i can see myself playing these things live for sure.
Moonstone MP3

chester from michigan made an external blinky box to project the light patterns of his fourses onto children: "Also, I recently finished the LED blinky box that I ask advice about. ... I ended up having a dedicated frosted plexi front box of 8 LEDs connected to the fourses with a 15pin serial cable umbillicus. ... Socketed all the LED so I can change colors."

this is Rodrigo from Miami's Fourses check out the ash coloring!

Bbob from cleveland sends these pix of his fourses, working with a modular synthesizer

says BBOB: "the toggles on the left are 3-way selectors for the hairy caps ... the knob is to select the spesal cuck hairycap. i like having the 2 transferstation inputs in the center--i leave my thumbs there, and then pick up signals from the pets w/ my fingers--so i'm thinking about using magnets or velcro to anchor them...."

scott of greogia sends his hippofyrallpus

hee iss the recipe for scott's hairy capacitors on his fyyrall:

Section Z:
4.7 mfd
10 mfd
.1 mfd (replaced 10 mfd)
.022 mfd (replaced 22 mfd)
1 mfd
.01 mfd (replaced 100 mfd)

North Parasite:
.1 mfd
.004 mfd

South Parasite:
1 mfd
.033 mfd

scott is pointing out with his camera, that if you swirl the camera in the dark and take a picture of the lights on the fyrall, you can get some very interesting
"recordings" of the strange patterns they are makin.

these are some cool tron style chaodata loops. recorded with scott's fyrall : giant steps

tylor of frisco, made this fourses

a detail, he said he made a trench with a dremel and then poured in that trippy paint

metallic paint on tyler's fyrall

joker's blue fyrall nice satin! joker labeled all the nodes, will allow him to do some planned maneuvers.

Chester's macrame stylin

tom borax found them fourses a good daytime sleeping aid

mp3s by tom borax :

no prostituting!

put your kelp on

clean crab pots

one modificatyion on tb's fyrall is the buttons

Michael Bleming sends this sparkle green fyrall

2: robert korizek sends these from zurich. shows a modifyin style on the case: added a whole new layer of wood!

1: kevin bewersdorf from GEARTEK made this yellow light fyrall.