Westside Phototour


Pawlonia Inhabitats

First Enclave: "T-Hill"

this is a house of concretions, and repoipising: bathroom cretion.

altar-tribute for the "charred olde house", complex new-age assemblage of stones, minerals, herbs, wave machine

crazy drawing

note masonry on top of wood "topsy turvy", "air jordan"

bottles inverted here: facing inwards due to micro-kidz

note cacti

a fine example of "boxing it out" on top of "not boxing it out"

pseudo-pythagoreanism at work, wabi-sabi "acoustic paneling", pentagon

the analogy of mugwort and a (smoked in the fire) synthesizer


Windows XP

Carly Ptak, owner of house and supervisor of new renovations

this is the vent in the new studio

fine example of wabi-sabi- note the drawerslant

The Dank Bank

federal savings "concretions"

ping pong table

this is a house of hand concretions, scrubs

wolf wasn't home, more later on him mastr of crete


new Window design

more and more layers of spackle and "crete"

caleb's gear

Caleb Johnston, owner of Dank Bank building, needs a nose-picking architecture.

for he is scraping wallpaper with vinegar.  here is his protective lizard-mummy

Bentalou Barn