Paper Circuits Summary

starting with the paedegogicals:

powers one speaker
 with a touch sensor of the
five PUJT SAW oscillators

Mr. Grassi is the most popular item here,
touch the nodes to activate glitchy rungling

Madame Brasser and Master Brando
are a model of the Din Datin Dudero,
called DDM2

i love aluminum
the idea here is to do a "quantum vibration model"
of one aluminum atom with 5 phosphates around it

Now the Namastitar Series

of electro-acoustic Lutes:

(namastitar cubed is work in progress)

Here is some work done with Dan Conrad

these circuits are all to control light

with analog forms:

the dogvoice is actually a sonifier
of the granular forms of the conrad papers
it heterodynes ultrasound
and ladder filters the result

some more researches into geometries/

during this process, Dan got sick of me making these hippy geometries.
I mean, after all he had been a graphical illustrator
for a spiritual guru,
in California,
in the 70s.
Here, he shows me
what's up with the
"new formalism":

now, the Deerhorn series:

deerhorn_balt: deerhorn is a series of evolutions

deerhorn_berlin: evolutions of a "theremin monode"

deerhorn_moon: a "monodic theremin" which resonates movement

deerhorn_prov: resonates movement in space by radio

deerhorn_spyral: radio fields which sense animals nearby
i.e. it is a tool for hunting deer

The Esoterica,

for Phase Lock Loop


of Monophony

(with a tambourine component):

chainlock: tis a freeform circuit

spikering: that which spikes out transients

Prototyping the Tetrazzi,

as a paper circuit, called



some primitive


radio transceivers: