CIA is
 Crystalline office buildings w/ air cond
 Transistor patterns which to geometry correspond
 Chemical fertilizer which makes the plant grow physically
 Highly composed words which rhyme metrically.

  nbara is
 Gnarly roots which grow blanched hands in the root cellar
 Reach around blockage and connect with other hands
 Roots which store bitter saps in the fall
 Grow over compressed Romes w/o time
 With a whimsical attitude to stone

Roots are the brains of plants, we animals are the flipped pole, with brains in the air. Thus our nbara is our brain.  An assemblage of wires or dendrites or roots is an analog brain, when it is working well, it thinks around blockages, is nabra.

Analog Night

 On the mulched trail, I pick up
 reflective mylar under moonlight,
 Drink datura dew to
 cure my data based flu.

 It kills the sudden movements
 to let me choose words smoothly,
 I print out my resume for you
 and for the putting-out-of-energy of it too.

The Datura grows by squaring itslef at the bud; it is a simple process which creates sprawling clusters of musky foliage and sweet white flowers. The dew of Datura is in the flower which has bloomed in the crotch of each new square formation.  It is musky, sweet, and when bitter it approaches the mind with numbing effects on your schemes.


"now if i am educated in elementary school, and learn english grammar there and
 move on to junior high school, high school, and pursue a love of language in
 college, setting up a pattern of study and learning for life, and perhaps even to
 research more in post-graduate education. now if i have all this education, what
 does it mean when i ask a question, any question, in english, with the proper
 grammer, what does that mean?"

 and also:

 " so you're a baby. you start breathing after you leave the womb, and it soon
 sets in that you will be breathing the rest of your life. and you realize there
 are many things you can do with this breath, many sounds you can make with your
 vocal cords, which come out very rough at first. but with practice you learn to
 use your chords, and what are you saying at this point when you have no words yet?"

  The Story of Osiris goes that
 He was chopped up by his brother Set,
 Strewn in the river.
 Discovered by wise Isis
 and reassembled to resemble
 a man without a penis.

 This is like all good plans
 That succumb to phantasy
 And fail in the river of life,
 To let you intuit
 a new plan with
 more openings in it.

 (they replaced it with a crocodile penis)

The Osiris way is to keep creating and let your whimsies out. You don't want to get attached to any perfection or power that you may see glinting in your creation. Someone, sometime will come to break down your ideas, and letting this happen is called "elegance". The crocodile penis is your new impetus to go back to work.